About the standards category

Discussions on topics related to the definition, extension and issues of standards and protocols used in Bible Technologies.

A standard is inherently communicative. It sets a common understanding and expectation among different parties based on some agreement. Thus, it is imperative that conclusions on the definitions of a standard are drawn after careful consideration of all stake-holders. Moreover, it is important to see them as a living document that improves over time.

Standards for Bible Technologies is something that would affect a vast number of people both now and in the future. Therefore, it is incumbent on any person/group desiring to set a standard, that they solicit feedback from all those who deem themselves stakeholders or users of such a standard/protocol.

This ultimately leads us to the point that all discussions on an open standard are done best in the open. This forum (category, specifically) hopes to be the home for lively and productive discussions that would help shape number of standards and protocols that may be fruitful for Bible translation and other aspects relating to technology for the Kingdom of God.

Here are few things to consider before you create a new topic of conversation in this category:

  1. Has this already been talked about or hinted in another place? Did you look/search for it?
  2. Can what you want to discuss be part of another existent topic?
  3. Make sure your topic is about definition, extension or issues about standards or protocols used in Bible Technologies.