Questions on USFM Spec

While working on the usfm-grammar library, I faced some questions that I couldn’t find a conclusive answer from the documentation. Can anyone in the channel help in answering these?

  1. Is there a rule, that there should be a \p , or similar marker that shows indentation, at the start of the chapter(or the start of the the first chapter)?
  2. In USX we see 3 sections in the introduction part, bookTitles, bookIntroductionTitles , and bookIntroductionEndTitles. What is their relevance when USFM is considered?
  3. In USX we see opt_break. How are they/are they implemented in USFM?
  4. As per examples in the documentation, \iex and \imte occur within/at the end of chapter content while USX says it is a valid style in bookIntroductionTitles
  5. Do the \wg, \wh, \wa just enclose scripture words in the verse and not add additional content?
  6. Where does \mte occur in USFM files? The USFM spec has a mention of at the end of the introduction but USX documentation indicates it’s within the chapter content.

I’ll answer what I can:

  1. Yes, there must be at least one paragraph per chapter.
  2. opt_break is represented in USFM as a double slash - // - in the text.
  3. According to the description for \mte inside the Paratext style information file, it’s supposed to appear at the end of the book. I’m guessing that the USFM documentation is wrong and the USX documentation is correct.
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