Translation Project Portability Scope

The Translation Project Portability working group that was established at the Philadelphia conference is working to improve translation project portability between various tools (such as ParaText, Autographa, translationCore, translationStudio, Autographa MT).

This is a partial list of features that we are looking to target in the near to intermediate term. Essentially, this is the initial scope of the specification we are working toward:

  • Data itself (scripture translation)
    • Project management metadata
      • Progress data
      • Roles: assignments, management
      • Dependencies
      • User definable
  • Authorship and contributor information
  • History of the data (e.g. commit history), last modified date
  • Maybe translation memory
  • Language metadata
    • language code
    • language direction
    • language name
    • script
    • Valid characters
    • Types of punctuation
  • Source texts for the translation
  • Versification scheme
  • Morphology, part of speech for target language
  • File encoding
  • Copyright and Licensing information
  • Organization(s)
  • Agreements array (FOBAI guidelines, statement of faith, etc?)
  • Description field for project
  • Data checksumming to verify no loss during transmission
  • Commenting system that allows interchange of project comments between tools
  • Possibly a versioning or version control system to help manage multiple copies of a project

Note that as of our meeting today we’ve decided to exclude the history of the data from the bundle specification. The bundles will effectively be snapshots that allow applications to manage history with whatever tool they prefer (e.g. mercurial, git, custom, etc).

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